Women Supporting Women: Why You Should Fix Her Crown

Empowered Women Supporting Women is so important. Fixing her crown takes nothing away from you & helps build both of you up. Get inspired to support other women.

Have you seen that meme going around about fixing another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked? There are several variations circulating, often with a challenge to tag a friend who exemplifies this spirit. Women supporting women is so important, not only in our personal spheres, but in the larger context of our culture.

It seems like something we should do instinctively, because we all want to receive that same grace from others. And yet, these memes gain traction in the social media universe for a reason. There’s clearly awareness out there that we need more of this kind of genuine female support.

Why is that? If so many of us value receiving support from other women, why aren’t we all giving it to each other more often? What’s getting in the way of us cheering each other’s successes and sharing our knowledge, strength, and wisdom with each other freely? What makes us sometimes relish in pointing out someone else’s flaws?

Scarcity Mindset Holds Us Back

It seems to me it’s somehow connected to scarcity mindset. A fear somewhere deep inside us tells us there’s not enough to go around. Not enough men. Not enough career opportunities. And not enough accolades, money, or any other thing we value. So we compete instead of collaborate. We boost our own esteem by squashing someone else’s. Or we stay silent when we could be complimenting, encouraging, cheering, or otherwise building each other up.

To be fair, I don’t think women choose not to support other women intentionally. In fact, I think it’s a choice we may not even recognize we’re making. In many ways, it’s a product of our programming. The pressures to find a man and get married, to be the prettiest, the most fit, the most together woman we can be – whether that be in the realm of motherhood, career, or both – are embedded in us from a young age. We’re driven to be the best, and the best by definition means there can only be one.

Maybe we’ve also felt slighted, betrayed, or not supported one too many times by other women. We start to feel like ultimately, we have to take care of ourselves. We may have a few close friends we can count on for consistent support, and we reserve our you-go-girl energy for them. At least with them, we know it will be reciprocated.

But the reality is, so long as we as women continue to perpetuate this scarcity mindset and hold back from supporting each other wholeheartedly, the cycle will repeat itself. We’ll pass it down to our daughters and granddaughters and so on. And that’s a shame. Collectively, we’re cutting ourselves off from an incredible source of strength, empowerment, and connectedness.

Women Can Support Women in a Unique Way

Women can support other women in a way that men cannot. We understand our unique struggles in a way that men can never fully grasp. (By the way, the same goes for men supporting men. which is why I love seeing the trend of men’s support groups growing today.) As women, we have a unique voice that needs to be heard louder in the world. And it’s harder to speak up when we don’t feel supported in doing so.

We are the strongest voice of divine feminine energy on this planet. What we bring to the table is needed. Intuition, cooperation, nurturing, empathy, and a focus on creation rather than destruction – these are divine feminine qualities we naturally embody. The more we support each other in our feminine expression, the more we’ll feel empowered to speak our truth and have a bigger impact on our world.

So I say, why not start supporting each other? Why not get really intentional about it and be the one who offers support first and as often as we have the opportunity to do so? What do we really have to lose? Far less than we have to gain. Let’s start stepping forward to give the compliment, share that knowledge, and fix each other’s crowns quietly. There are more than enough crowns to go around.

In doing this, we actually build our selves up too. It takes self-love and self-confidence to believe you can still shine brightly when there are other lights in the room. To help someone else shine is to take an authentic step of faith in the value of your own light too.

One Note…

Social media can be one of the biggest comparison (i.e. scarcity mindset) traps. In fact, studies have shown it can seriously affect women’s self-esteem. If you’re finding yourself often feeling worse about yourself after being on social media, check out my post on doing a social media cleanse. You can shift the dynamic and start making social media work for you, instead of against you.

The Fix Her Crown Award

women supporting women with the fix her crown blogger award

I’m so thankful to Cindy, a fellow blogger over at Cindy Goes Beyond, for inspiring this post. She’s just created the Fix Her Crown Award to celebrate women supporting women in the blogging world. And, she’s given me one of the inaugural awards. What an honor! I’ve been so blessed to have connected with her and find daily inspiration from her via social media and her blog. So thank you, Cindy, for this incredible boost of support and for sending out this ripple that will continue to inspire women supporting other women.

Now it’s my turn to pass that support along to some amazing women bloggers who both inspire and support me daily. Here’s how the award works:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to her blog.
  2. Copy and paste these rules to your post and please include a link to the Fix Her Crown Award post.
  3. Post three photos of just yourself and write a short caption beneath each about why you chose that photo.
  4. Nominate seven women for the Fix Her Crown Award, women who lend a helping hand to the woman whose crown seems too heavy, who appreciate the sister who dares to be her own glorious self, who raise strong young women, who smile at the sister journeying alone and walk alongside her for a time, who stand with the sister whose crown has been knocked off her head time after time and women who shine as their own beautifully unique selves.
  5. Link to the blogs of the seven nominees.

My 3 Photos

Mother Nature Love Rose Hahn
I LOVE trees! They ground me and remind me that deep roots can sustain me. They also remind me of my connection to all of nature, and that simply growing into the fullest expression of myself is enough.
Women supporting women helps us keep our balance & sense of connection.
If you’ve browsed even just a little on my blog, you know I love yoga. I chose this picture because on this day, I got to combine yoga with my other passion – hiking. These two activities keep me balanced, centered, and inspired.
Me with the monkeys!
This day brought so much joy to my heart – playing with these little monkeys. I couldn’t stop smiling! I adore monkeys. I think it’s their playfulness, curiosity & affection. I’m a playful spirit myself and love to explore with curiosity.

My Nominees

I’ve selected the bloggers linked below because they each are committed to sharing their wisdom, inspiration, and beautiful energy with the world. And, I see them supporting other women who are doing the same. I highly recommend checking out their blogs.

Share the Love

If you’ve been nominated, please spread the recognition and love by nominating the women you admire. And, if you’ve come to this page without being nominated, you can join in too. Simply follow the rules listed above for this Fix Your Crown Award and nominate the women who are inspiring you! Let’s shift the dynamic and energize a tradition of women supporting women we can hand down to the next generations.

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Author: Rose Hahn

Rose Hahn's passion for inspiring intentional wellness has evolved over the past 20 years from a personal practice, to working as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, to founding the first neuroscience and mindfulness-based addiction treatment center in Texas with her husband. Currently, her energy is focused on her wellness blog, an upcoming book, and her yoga/music/arts event production company.

13 thoughts

  1. It is so important for women to support women! I don’t necessarily agree about divine feminine energy, but I think we can all agree that lifting each other up is better than tearing each other down.

  2. Life is hard enough without making it harder for each other. We are definitely stronger together. I love the shout out to the other blogs as well!

  3. Congrats on your well-deserved award! I so agree with the importance of building each other up, stopping the competition and simply being kind. And stop the self-comparison of people on social media. It’s why I like following women like you who motivate and inspire. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! I agree about following women who motivate and inspire and feel blessed that I’ve been able to find so many on social media. I appreciate your support β€οΈπŸ™

  4. Congratulations Rose and thank you so much for including me on the list. I so appreciate you and your light, thanks again for all your support and sharing your wisdom with me in my blogging journey. πŸ™πŸ™

    I lovet this community and how everyone here is supporting each other instead of competing! This is wonderful awareness πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. You’re very welcome and very deserving! I feel the same way, very blessed to have connected with so many wonderful, supportive, & inspiring women! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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