Mindful Yoga Flow Class

Rose Hahn demonstrating King Pigeon pose. Online Flow Yoga Classes. Start Here.
Mindful Yoga Flow Free 60 Minute Class. Rose Hahn demonstrating seated spinal twist pose.

What is mindful yoga? How do we bring mindfulness to our yoga practice? How can we stay connected to the present moment when we’re on the mat, so our mind doesn’t keep wandering here, there, and everywhere?

Ordinarily here on my blog, I would answer such questions with a detailed article. And I’d offer suggestions for concrete practices you could work with to start cultivating more mindfulness on your yoga mat. But in today’s post, I’m going to tackle this oh-so-important topic in an entirely different way.

That is…in an experiential way.

A Mindful Yoga Class

In other words, rather than writing about mindful yoga, I’m going to share with you a full 60-minute flow yoga class designed to help you stay connected to your present moment experience all throughout your posture practice. And the technique I’m sharing with you can be carried into every yoga session you do, whether it be a class you’re attending or your personal practice at home.

Plus, at the end of the class, I’ll guide you into a mindfulness meditation. So, you’ll practice mindfully as you move through all your yoga poses. And then close with a calming, centering pranayama technique. By the time you start your mindfulness meditation, your body-mind-spirit system will be well-primed to enter a meditative state.

Why I’m Sharing This Mindful Yoga Class

So why am I sharing this mindful yoga class today? For starters, guiding you through an actual posture practice is the most effective way for me to teach (and you to learn) what mindful yoga is and how to do it. Cultivating mindfulness on your mat combines all the wonderful benefits of mindfulness with the powerful benefits of your physical yoga practice. So it’s something well worth learning.

When you’re fully present on your mat, you’re not just training your body to move into and hold incredibly beneficial poses. You’re also training your mind to come under your control and be attentive to what you want it to focus on. You’re teaching it how to stay fresh and in the flow of what’s happening now. When you bring mindfulness into your posture practice, you give yourself supercharged stress relief and a powerful calming for your body-mind-spirit system.

But that’s not the only reason I’m sharing this full-length flow yoga class in today’s post. The other BIG reason is…

I’m happy to announce, I’ve just launched My Online Yoga Studio right here on this blog!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for many years and finally decided to just make it happen. It’s been a rather monumental undertaking. I’ve been working on it since the start of the year. So to finally be able to share it feels incredible. And I want to celebrate the milestone by offering this mindful yoga class that combines the two practices that have supported my growth, well-being, and inner peace more than any other.

Those two practices, of course, are mindfulness and yoga.

Mindful Yoga Flow Class

Without further ado, here is my Mindful Yoga Flow Class. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions prior to practicing. Listen to your body, honor your edges, and practice good self-care as you move through your postures.

I hope you enjoy the class. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! And please share with anyone who might appreciate it as well. For more info on my online yoga studio, see here.

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