Healthy Lifestyle Resources

I’ve spent a lifetime gathering information and cultivating practices that support a healthy lifestyle and keep my mind, body, and spirit balanced. There’s a LOT of information out there, some more helpful than others. Here’s a curated list of healthy lifestyle resources I’ve found consistently relevant and useful for living with intentional wellness.

Check them out to find more motivation, inspiration and information to develop a healthy lifestyle that works for you. These are helpful links for everything from nutrition & physical health to mental & emotional well-being (including yoga, meditation & mindfulness). At the bottom, you’ll find a list of my favorite books, each of them full of life-changing wisdom.

Healthy Lifestyle Resources for Your Body

Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Resources
Take care of your body with information from these nutrition & other health related resources.
  • Dr. Weill (great source for nutrition & holistic health)
  • Wellness Mama (a robust blog with healthy lifestyle resources for nutrition, natural home & remedy solutions)
  • Nutrition Stripped (great site to find up-to-date nutrition information, healthy recipes, and overall inspiration for healthy living)
  • Ayurveda Experience (Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science, with type-specific diet and lifestyle recommendations & natural healing techniques.)
  • Selfhacked (learn about cutting-edge, science-based health solutions)
  • Mindbodygreen (healthy lifestyle hub, from nutrition to wellness to beauty & even mindfulness)

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga & Mindfulness Healthy Lifestyle Resources
Create balance in your mind, body & spirit with these helpful sites for yoga & mindfulness.
  • Yoga Journal (the go-to yoga blog)
  • Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindfulness community)
  • Yoga International (another great yoga site that includes online instruction)
  • Bad Yogi (a fun, not so serious yoga site with articles as well as online instruction)
  • Mindful (a great resource for information, instruction, & inspiration on mindfulness)
  • Meditation Finder (locate a local meditation center)

Mental & Emotional Health Resources

Mental & Emotional Health resources
Healthy lifestyle resources for mental & emotional health.
  • Psychology Today (helpful & insightful articles on mental & emotional health, plus a directory for local counselors)
  • Happiful (news, research, inspirational & interesting reads on topics related to mental & emotional health)
  • Your Brain Health (learn about neuroscience & how it can help improve mood and overall mental & emotional well-being)
  • The Fix (addiction recovery resource & community)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (a free course for learning the mindfulness technique developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.)
  • Blunt Therapy (a licensed therapist’s blog about mental health, addictions, relationships, and parenting.)

Inspired Reading

Books related to yoga, mindfulness, intentional wellness, and mental & emotional health
These are some of my all-time favorite books on yoga, wellness, mindfulness, and just plain good living.