Give the Gift of Health: 60+ Unique, Healthy Gift Ideas

Give the Gift of Health with these 60+ unique, healthy gift ideas your friends and family are sure to love!

It’s that time of year again – when we scour the stores and Internet for all those special gifts that show our family and friends we love them. And what better way to express how much you care than to give the gift of health? It tells your loved ones you value having them in your life, and you want them to be a part of it for as long as possible. Moreover, it says you care about their wellbeing and happiness. When you give the gift of health, it has a lasting, meaningful impact.

If you agree with me, then you’ll love these unique and healthy gift ideas I’ve compiled for you. From healthy eating to active lifestyle and body-mind-spirit wellness, you’re sure to find an inspired option to fit that special someone you’re thinking of, whether they’re already committed to a healthy lifestyle or not. And while I’m writing this with Christmas just around the corner, these gifts work for ANY special occasion.

Note: I’m not affiliated with any of the products I’m sharing here. While I’ve shared links for your convenience, you can find these or similar items elsewhere as well.

So without further ado, here are my 60+ unique, healthy gift idea inspirations:

The Gift of Healthy Eating

A Healthy Cookbook

Gift of Health Cookbook

I’ve had this Whole Foods Market Cookbook for years and absolutely LOVE it. The recipes are so delicious you forget they’re also healthy! Of course, there are tons of healthy cookbooks out there. Maybe you have one you use and love. Why not pass along that gift of health to your loved one?

Gift of Healthy Meal Kits

This is a great idea for that special someone who’s wanting to eat healthier but struggles with finding time to plan and prepare healthy food at home. You can give the gift of health by purchasing a gift certificate or pre-paid plan from a healthy meal prep service. Fresh, organic foods are delivered to their home, with easy cooking/preparation instructions. Here are a few options to explore:

Healthy Snack Box Subscription

My husband recently signed us up for Universal Yums, which is a subscription that delivers a box full of snacks from a different country every month. We’ve been enjoying this little tour of world flavors so much. These aren’t snacks geared toward healthy eating, so I only sample little bites here and there. But the point is, having this unique assortment of snacks arrive each month is a delight!

There are subscription boxes that DO cater to healthy snacks, though. When you give this gift of health, your loved one will receive a box every month filled with healthy snacks, making it easy and enjoyable to graze on healthier options. Here are a few I found:

Healthy Kitchen Gadget Gifts

Anything that makes it easier to cook at home can support healthier eating. And some kitchen tools are specifically designed to create healthier food and drink options. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Air Fryer (for crispy foods with far less fat than traditional frying)
  • Smoothie Blender
  • Instant Pot (Though it can be used to cook healthy or unhealthy foods, I have to include this as a gift of health. That’s because I recently got one, and it’s made cooking a wide variety of foods so much quicker and easier for me. This translates to convenience, which means even when I’m busy, I’m cooking at home – instead of ordering out – a lot more.)
  • Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher (makes choosing water and staying hydrated feel like a treat!)
  • Vegetable Slicer/Shredder (easier to get those all-important veggies in)
  • Vegetable Spiralizer (for making “pasta” out of zucchini, carrots, etc.)
  • Fresh Herb Keeper

The Gift of Healthy Movement

Staying physically active is one of the best gifts of health we can give ourselves. You can encourage your loved one to get moving – and stay moving – with these inspired, body-loving gifts.

Fitness gift ideas to give the gift of health

Inspired Fitness Gift Ideas

There are so many fitness-related items on the market, I couldn’t possibly list them all here. So I’m going to narrow it down to items that can help inspire more body movement, or offer a unique body movement experience.

  • Fitness Tracker (These nifty gadgets have been popular for a while now. And for good reason…they help keep us mindful of how much physical activity we’re really getting each day. Depending on the model, they can monitor other important health markers, such as heart rate and sleep, too.)
  • State Parks Pass (Inspire outdoor adventure & exercise with an annual or season pass, which gives unlimited access to all the state parks in your state. Visit your state’s parks website to purchase.)
  • Fitness Dice (Roll the dice for exercise inspiration…how fun!)
  • Fitness Headphones
  • Class Pass (Access to a wide variety of online and/or in-person fitness classes.)
  • Resistance Bands (It’s amazing how much you can do with resistance bands. A good set is like having a whole-body gym in your house, while taking up almost no space.)
  • Stability Ball (Great for core-strengthening and stretching.)
  • At-Home Pilates Kit
  • Phone Fanny Pack (Perfect for running and other physical activity.)

Gift of Health Via Yoga

Naturally, as a longtime yoga enthusiast, I have to dedicate a section of my Gift of Health list to my favorite healthy activity. And I’m not alone in my love for yoga, so it’s entirely possible your friend or family member appreciates it too. Here are some gift ideas just about anyone who does yoga can use:

  • Jade Yoga Mat (After years of practice with different kinds of mats, this is by FAR my favorite. I’ve had mine for 8 years now, so it’s proven to be incredibly durable. And the grip is unmatched in my experience, which means I never slip in Downward Dog or any other pose. Plus, these mats are sustainably made, and for every mat purchased, the company plants a tree!)
  • Meditation Cushion (Supports longer meditation sittings by encouraging proper posture and relieving pressure on the knees.)
  • Headstand Bench (Relieves pressure on neck, arms & shoulders while doing this supremely beneficial inversion posture.)
  • Yoga Bag (One that can carry a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle is especially useful.)
  • Mat Cleaner ( A much-needed accessory!)
  • Yoga Pose Reference Card Fan (A comprehensive & easy-to-use set of yoga pose reference cards.)

Gift of Healthy Body Self-Care

Our bodies not only need active movement, but also require self care that supports us in remaining active. The following items can help maintain mobility, increase flexibility, and/or relieve pain. Essentially, they help the body feel good.

The Gift of Health Via Peace of Mind

Of course, holistic health and wellness includes mental health. And in today’s stressful world, most of us can use some extra support finding our peace of mind. With the following ideas, you can give your friends and family the invaluable gift of mental health and stress reduction.



Mindfulness is one of the best psychological skills we can develop to find inner peace, mental & emotional balance, and a less stressful way of being in the world. So any gift that supports mindfulness can be a gift of mental health. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Stress Reduction

Spiritual Health Gifts

Nurturing our sense of spiritual connectedness is an integral part of whole-self wellness. However, a spiritual gift needs to be highly personalized, taking into account the particular spiritual path your loved one finds meaningful. So these gift ideas for spiritual health may only serve as a catalyst to get your creative thoughts flowing. Or, you may well find the perfect gift among them.

Closing Thoughts…

I hope you found something here that fits that special person with whom you want to share the gift of health. Or, maybe you came across something YOU love. If so, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself something that can help you be your healthiest, happiest self too.

I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom we can all do well to keep in mind:

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi

May your holiday season be blessed with abundant love, happiness, and health. Namaste.

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Author: Rose Hahn

Rose Hahn's passion for inspiring intentional wellness has evolved over the past 20 years from a personal practice, to working as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, to founding the first neuroscience and mindfulness-based addiction treatment center in Texas with her husband. Currently, her energy is focused on her wellness blog, an upcoming book, and her yoga/music/arts event production company.

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