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Hello! I’m Rose Hahn. Welcome to my online space for flow yoga classes.

The yoga journey is a powerful transformation of your whole body-mind-spirit system. It involves:

  • deep healing
  • profound insight & awakening
  • a retraining of your muscles, nervous system, connective tissue & breath to support a more balanced & harmonious body-mind.

All of this creates the optimal inner state to connect with your spiritual self & align with your highest intentions.

Here’s a little about me:

  • yoga teacher 14+ years
  • yoga therapist 10+ years (PRYT)
  • practitioner of vinyasa (flow) yoga, meditation & mindfulness 20+ years
  • Over 1100 hours of specialized yoga training.
  • And…

I’m honored to be a part of your yoga journey.

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Are you ready to align & transform your whole body-mind-spirit system?

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or ready to explore deeply transformative practices…

You’ll find everything you need to guide & support your yoga journey here.

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Practice Where & When It’s Convenient For You.

New to yoga? Start here! This 3-part Beginner Flow Yoga Series is designed with you in mind.

Are you curious about trying yoga but don’t know how or where to start? Maybe you’re nervous about going into a yoga class not knowing what to do or expect. Or, perhaps you’re not sure if you can even do yoga.

If so, this beginner flow yoga series is just what you need.

  • Learn the fundamentals of a variety of core yoga poses in the comfort of your own home.
  • Explore breath & body awareness.
  • Get started with pranayama – yogic breathing techniques that can seriously improve your well-being.
  • Learn how to use props & modify poses.
  • Feel supported as you put your body into new shapes & begin the process of increasing your flexibility & strength.
What To Expect…

Each class in this Beginner Flow Yoga Series builds upon the previous. This gives you the scaffolding you need to feel comfortable in your new yoga practice.

All 3 classes give you a complete yoga experience. Expect to tone & stretch your whole body. And, bring harmony to your body-mind-spirit system in an easy-to-follow format. In fact, you may find you love these classes so much you want to come back to them again and again, long after you’ve moved beyond beginner level as a yogi.

Get started today! Your whole self will THANK YOU for it.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga synchronizes your movement into and out of poses with your breath. It’s like a beautiful, yogic dance!

In this section, you’ll find a 3-Part Vinyasa Flow Yoga Series that builds on the beginner series. So you can explore more postures and gradually invite more movement into your practice.

Have a grasp of the yoga basics? Then you’re ready to dive into the full library of online flow yoga classes in this section. (New classes added regularly.)

Explore. Pick a class that speaks to you each day. Or, come back to your favorites time and time again. It’s up to you!

What To Expect…

These vinyasa flow yoga classes are designed to:

  • Strengthen and stretch your whole body.
  • Give you a well-balanced, whole-self yoga experience every time you come to your mat.
  • Deeply relax you.
  • Cultivate your mindfulness and meditation skills.
  • Tone your nervous system. Which means, fine-tune it. (So it responds in healthy, helpful ways. Can tolerate stress. And tends toward a more consistent state of inner harmony.)

Get into your FLOW state! And stay in it, as you train your body-mind-spirit system to synchronize with your highest intentions.

Yoga has so much to offer you! But at its core, yoga is a process of self-discovery and self-refinement. It connects you with profound self-awareness of your body-mind-spirit system. As this awareness grows, you become your own expert on your self.

What do you need? Where can you challenge yourself more? When might you need a different kind of yoga session?

Use this section to refine your skills and deepen your practice. And to support yourself in specific ways you may need from time to time.

What To Expect…

In this Yoga In Focus section, you’ll find classes, tutorials, and discussions for targeted goals, like:

  • A focus on certain parts of the body.
  • Pose tutorials. (Including guidance for modifications, variations, accessing deeper expressions, metaphorical embodiment.)
  • Using vinyasa flow yoga for self-care goals. (Such as grounding, restoration, empowerment, lifting your mood.)
  • Pranayama techniques.

Many begin their yogic journey with the goals of exercise & stress reduction in mind. However, most soon discover there’s something bigger happening.

That’s because yoga simply can’t be contained on the mat. With regular practice, it spills into every aspect of your life. Organically, the changes occurring in your body & mind on the mat shift how you show up in other dimensions of your life.

This section can help you get more intentional about using Yoga For Transformation. If you want to create big, healthy growth & change with yogic techniques & wisdom, you’ll find what you need here.

What To Expect…

Use these classes & discussions to help you dive deeper into your yoga journey. Here you’ll find:

  • Themed flow yoga classes to help you explore & embody self-growth.
  • Discussions & practices to help you explore & embody the Yamas & Niyamas and yoga-aligned living.
  • Meditation instruction & guided practices.
  • Mindfulness-based yoga classes & mindfulness techniques.

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Not Sure? Try a sample class – my Mindful Yoga Flow!

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

B.K.S. Iyengar